Lapsus linguae, bungled actions, omissions, jokes … and much more. The father of psychoanalysis teaches us how our subconscious is expressed daily in our lives, without our knowledge!

The autobiography of the most famous New Zealand writer, Janet Frame, who died in 2004: the story of a fragile, sensitive woman, locked up in a mental hospital where she underwent more than two hundred electric shock. Her writing is intense, immediate and engaging. From the book was achieved an interesting film by Jane Campion.

Portraits of yesterday and today’s women, women with thousands of desires and hidden faces: the imagination and sensitivity of this Mexican writer are at their best in this book.

A woman, two marriages: two different kind of relationships that seem to complete dona Flor’s personality. The death of the first husband, from burden becomes enrichment and passion in the second marriage: is that possible? Read it and you’ll know …